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Asuka #362
2017-01-21 12:58:21

Hi, in the latest podcast, you were telling the story of Mary, who said she knew 6 months in advance when someone was gonna die. I read about yogi's who know this exact same thing in the same timeframe, they explain that about 6 months before someone dies a part of their energy leaves them. It sounds exactly like what Mary was talking about, maybe this comment helps her to understand what she is feeling, and that she doesn't have to be afraid of it, it seems to be a normal thing.

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James #757
2016-12-14 22:08:34

Sure there are also astronaut's space shuttles . good luck seeing that tho lol anyway last post that looks like my first post ,that's wierd btw anyway definetly squint an eye Especially things that button hook across the night sky . I'm out. Unless you have questions lol

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:58:48

What would we all do?I see a post here form a girl in South Africa seing the same things I see here.they were in sort of informal formation while stoping within star paterns when noticed.satellites move across the sky in a straight line,steady speed,air planes jets helicopters(shooting stars,commits)self explanatory any other movement up there is not from here,piriod.tho I do believe they have respcet for our planet.We may verry well be just a charging station.planet of colective enrgy fields

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:42:03

Throughout history.Cavemen walked till they invented the wheel,humans road horses till we ivented the car that wasnt enough and started flying, computers came out after the glory of those the computer it self was inadequate so the computer drew wave for the internet.But that bright light in the sky you see.And I see.And nobody else even cares about.Y.I don't know y.Lol But that bright light.Has had constant technology.Throu the ages In many sighting storys.I have theorys as to y they come aswell

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:30:15

Hi.I live in northern ontario,I see this all the time,it is just as you say.i observe there are many i believe they have different characteristic behaviour,I observe them closely.I don't study them.I just love to know.That I know.and yeah.Its almost as if the "watevr it is" notices you, noticing it!and it's behavior changes,It's something not from this world.It's Like this. Dinosaurs,cavemen,ppl ,technology,all these evolve,this watevr.has not changed description more than shape throug

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Desert Witch

My wife and I wife had lived in Sedona AZ about 3-4 years ago. It all started after we had converted a 17 ft. U-Haul, moving van into a solar powered RV and said to hell with the rat race and proceeded to camp and travel for the next few years down the coast from Washington state through Cali and eventually we ended up living in the desert near Redrock national park in Sedona AZ.

After a few weeks of living in the desert we got bored and decided to get jobs locally to supplement our cash flow and replenish our savings account. I took a job as an executive chef at a club med type rehab for Hollywood stars and the super-rich. My wife took a job at a coffee shop/cafe as a manager. I have to say that Sedona is a melting pot  for some of the craziest and oddest people I’ve ever met, it attracts the gambit of personalities from around the world, everything from self-proclaimed messiahs, plastic shamans, real shamans, witches,  psychics, skin walkers, demons, shadow people, aliens, retirees, nature lovers, and desert rats (a desert redneck).

During the time we spent there, around 3 years in total, we had experienced and saw so many things that were unexplainable, if I had been I different person I might of thought I was losing my mind.

Most of the experiences were benign or seemingly pointless, weird sounds, shadow people and experimental aircraft. Sedona is surrounded by three or four high tech military bases.  I think most of the UFO’s seen there are military, but that's my opinion. That being said we have seen blue beams come out of the mountains late at night and massive orbs float across the tops of the mountains and then vanish.

About a year after working our jobs my wife started to get annoyed with a few of the locals and their typical coffee shop crap. Someone comes in buys a coffee stays the entire day trying to get free refills. Most of these folks are kind hearted, Sanfran hippies left over from the 1960-70s. Unfortunately a few folks are dark or creepy, like something about them just isn't quite right. One such person was this little tiny lady; she couldn't be more than 4 feet tall platinum hair mixed with gray highlights. She wore a blue woman's suit, the kind you'd see at a conservative church or something. She would come in everyday around 8 am, ask for a glass of water, and sit in the same spot day after day. She would just mumble or chant and never touch her water, she'd just set the water next to her on a table. Around 4 pm every day she would get up and go outside then proceed to accost the first person she saw for a ride to a random spot in town, or out of town. She then would get rides to certain areas all around town till the evening everyday then disappear or go home.

Now before I knew what she was, I was one of the people who she had accosted for a ride a few times. She would tell you where she wanted to go, then when you got to the location to drop her off she would ask to do a meditation with you. She wouldn't get out of the car until you agreed. So I would play along to get her out of my car. She would start the same way every time, "hello, I am one of the teachers of wisdom from the mystery school of the 7 Pillars of wisdom, Please close your eyes, now imagine a ball of golden light floating above the top of your head. Now imagine that golden ball of light going down into your body and filling your whole being. Now take 3 deep breaths and exhale. Thank you."

Then she would ask if you saw it the golden ball, and of course I’d say yes, or else she would start it all over again. Then she'd get out and she would catch another ride from the first person she saw and do the same thing to them. She would do that from 4 pm till she went home, or wherever she went.

After seeing her do this a few times I decided never to give her a ride and forbid my wife from giving her one also. It was as if it wasn't about her getting to a destination it was just about having as many people do her meditation with her as she could. I never saw her eat or drink middle of the desert and she wasn't drinking at all, at least I never saw her do it. After a while she started becoming a problem and was starting to scare people at the cafe. This lady would follow a customer into the washroom or into a corner and she would say "Hello my name is ------ and I would like to show you something." Then who ever she was speaking too, usually a young man, would scream or yell what the fuck! And run out of the cafe. My wife had no idea what she was doing or what she had said at the time. This had been going on for a couple weeks at random my wife even had employees quit and not say a word why. My wife would ask her to leave and this lady would just go back to her favorite chair and sit there with a shitty grin, mumbling till about 4 pm.

My wife was really starting to get upset and it was almost like a dark cloud filled the cafe everyday now, bad luck seemed to plague the owners, orders where being lost from suppliers, and her employees were getting deathly sick, which caused my wife to have to work overtime and be stressed out. After my wife told me all the problems with this lady, I started to get upset as well. I told my wife the next time she shows up you tell her she's not allowed in the cafe anymore, and if she refuses to leave tell me and I will leave my work and come to the cafe and physically remove her. So 8 am the next day I get a call from my wife that this lady is back and refuses to leave. Well now I'm livid, so I head over.  I get to the cafe and my wife and the employees start to tell me what's going on. My wife asked the lady to leave and the lady asked why, my wife says you never buy anything and we have had customers complain about you. The lady says no one complains, and then my wife says "Hey you have to leave!" And this is where it gets creepy. The lady looks directly at my wife, and as she does her eyes shift, my wife said "They shifted to cat eyes."

The lady says in a nasty whisper "I practice the dark arts and I will kill you, why do you think your employees keep getting sick?"

Then her eyes shift back and she politely smiles and goes and returns to her seat. I grew up in a very religious family but I left the church after seeing the hypocrisy of the modern church. I went on to study paganism, magic and other ancient religions. I also happen to speak an ancient type of Hebrew as well. Anyway, I proceeded to walk up to her and ask her to come out side so I could speak to her. She asks why? So, I raise my voice "you need to get up and come outside now! Or I will drag you out." Now mind you, I'm a decent sized guy, I work out a lot and am covered in tattoos got a goat tee and I'm bald, I'm a mean looking dude. She was Unimpressed and starting to pretend to be stupid. So I grabbed her hand and walked her out. When we got outside she was asking what she did and what's going on. I proceeded to tell her that the manager who asked her to leave was my wife. Suddenly her countenance change and she attempted to tell me who she was. I cut her off and said I know who you are and what you are all about. She said "Oh really?" Then she raised her hand, I assumed for some kind of spell or sign or something. I was getting angry at this point and so I started yelling at her in Hebrew then I started to pray in Hebrew. That's when she started telling me "not to do that to her". So I got louder, she said don't do that, don't you do that, "Don't you do that to me!" Over and over, "Don't do that to me! Don't you do that?" So I got louder when suddenly her face goes blank, she turns around, goes back inside, walks back to her chair, and sits down. I follow her the whole time praying in Hebrew by this time the whole cafe and restaurant is watching this beefy tattooed guy yelling in an ancient tongue at this tiny white haired elderly lady. I'm trying not to think about how crazy it looks, but then again it is Sedona so crazy is the norm. The old lady gets up still saying “Don't do that to me”, and exits the building. We're outside and I tell her she is never to come into the cafe or restaurant again and God help her, if I see her in town. She smiles and says "God?" Then she says "Or what?" Suddenly as if by a download, I remembered about this black magic book I bought a while ago and had read just out of curiosity. In the book it talks about these wizard wars between Alister Crowley and another guy. Then it goes into the fact that if you can attain the true name of the witch or wizard and say it, the said witch or wizard will die in 3 days. This is so crazy. So I tell her, God has told me your real name and I will speak it forth if I see you again. She stops looks at me and says again in a weird voice "Oh really", I said "Yes really!", and she turns around and walks away.

This is when I realized black witches are real and alive and all over the world, and they have real power, or borrowed power, however you'd like to look at it. Before this I’ve never really dealt with anything like this. After this it was like the spirit world opened up to me. Anyway, I go back into the cafe and everyone is staring at me, so I announce to the cafe "That lady practices black magic. Don't give her a ride anywhere and please don't speak with her". Suffice to say I got every weird look you can imagine. I sat at the bar and told my wife if she comes in again I will bury her in the desert, I was pretty worked up. Then a few customers came up to me and proceeded to tell me about their experiences with this lady, and what had happened when she followed them to the bathroom, or to a dark corner, or when they had given her a ride home, and if they had refused the meditation. One man said "I was in the bathroom she came in right after me and said I want to show you something then her face would shift into a lizard face!" Similar story from everyone I spoke to. She would shape shift. It doesn't end there that's just the begging of the story, the rest it gets real weird.

By: Joseph - Apr-6-2016


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