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Asuka #362
2017-01-21 12:58:21

Hi, in the latest podcast, you were telling the story of Mary, who said she knew 6 months in advance when someone was gonna die. I read about yogi's who know this exact same thing in the same timeframe, they explain that about 6 months before someone dies a part of their energy leaves them. It sounds exactly like what Mary was talking about, maybe this comment helps her to understand what she is feeling, and that she doesn't have to be afraid of it, it seems to be a normal thing.

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James #757
2016-12-14 22:08:34

Sure there are also astronaut's space shuttles . good luck seeing that tho lol anyway last post that looks like my first post ,that's wierd btw anyway definetly squint an eye Especially things that button hook across the night sky . I'm out. Unless you have questions lol

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:58:48

What would we all do?I see a post here form a girl in South Africa seing the same things I see here.they were in sort of informal formation while stoping within star paterns when noticed.satellites move across the sky in a straight line,steady speed,air planes jets helicopters(shooting stars,commits)self explanatory any other movement up there is not from here,piriod.tho I do believe they have respcet for our planet.We may verry well be just a charging station.planet of colective enrgy fields

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:42:03

Throughout history.Cavemen walked till they invented the wheel,humans road horses till we ivented the car that wasnt enough and started flying, computers came out after the glory of those the computer it self was inadequate so the computer drew wave for the internet.But that bright light in the sky you see.And I see.And nobody else even cares about.Y.I don't know y.Lol But that bright light.Has had constant technology.Throu the ages In many sighting storys.I have theorys as to y they come aswell

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:30:15

Hi.I live in northern ontario,I see this all the time,it is just as you say.i observe there are many i believe they have different characteristic behaviour,I observe them closely.I don't study them.I just love to know.That I know.and yeah.Its almost as if the "watevr it is" notices you, noticing it!and it's behavior changes,It's something not from this world.It's Like this. Dinosaurs,cavemen,ppl ,technology,all these evolve,this watevr.has not changed description more than shape throug

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Chemtrail Nightmare

I think that many of the orbs being seen are helping to clean pollutants from the atmosphere, and I will tell you why I think so. I won't go into how many intense dreams I've had that have come true, but I will tell you that many have. One time I had a really long and vivid dream concerning earthís air. This was decades before chemtrails and before I ever learned about military experiments on people by spraying things into the air. In my dream the US Military sprayed a synthetic chemical compound that never existed before, into the atmosphere to honestly try to do a positive thing. However when this chemical got mixed in the air with certain other chemical/s (I don't remember if it was mixed with multiple chemicals) this synthetic chemical created another unknown chemical which actually destroyed oxygen. Actually, the dream told me that the oxygen fused with the combo synthetic chemical and the pollutantís to create a harmful chemical. This new synthetic chemical not only fused with oxygen, but whenever it fused with an oxygen atom it doubled in size making the harmful chemical grow rapidly. One atom of oxygen made two atoms of the harmful chemical. You can see how fast the oxygen level around the world would begin to diminish. The dream told me that by the time the Armyís scientist figured out that this was happening; birds, fish and other animals were dying from lack of oxygen. Also that a number of species of trees and other things had already all died off from it.

The dream told me that the Army did begin to clean up what they had done as soon as they figured it out, but it would take a long time to clean it all up as it constantly reproduces. By a long time, I mean over a decade; 13 to 14 years of constantly being at it. My thought was, well, how is the Army going to clean up chemicals in the air?Especially ones that can't be seen? The destroying chemical didn't leave any visible traces. The dream also said people would have to take more precautions to not get sunburned because of this. Eventually the oxygen level would decrease so much that a person could not venture outside for more than 20 minutes without an oxygen mask and tank; that many people would also eventually die from this. The new public utility would be oxygen being pumped into homes instead of natural gas, using the existing natural gas pipelines. So some 25 years or so later we can see many of my dream things happening: Fish washing up on shore more than ever, birds dropping out of the sky all over the place in mass amounts. Sun screen lotions are more intense now. So I think the military screwed up with their chemtrails and now the positive aliens are trying to help clean up their mess. This is why I think most of these orbs do not threaten humans and why they usually aren't messed with by the military. So that's what I think most orbs are doing and the round, metallic objects seen near the orbs are collector bins for the atoms/synthetic chemicals that eat oxygen. To be dumped in space and away from earths water and air.

By: Donald Hinckley - Apr-6-2016


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