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Asuka #362
2017-01-21 12:58:21

Hi, in the latest podcast, you were telling the story of Mary, who said she knew 6 months in advance when someone was gonna die. I read about yogi's who know this exact same thing in the same timeframe, they explain that about 6 months before someone dies a part of their energy leaves them. It sounds exactly like what Mary was talking about, maybe this comment helps her to understand what she is feeling, and that she doesn't have to be afraid of it, it seems to be a normal thing.

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James #757
2016-12-14 22:08:34

Sure there are also astronaut's space shuttles . good luck seeing that tho lol anyway last post that looks like my first post ,that's wierd btw anyway definetly squint an eye Especially things that button hook across the night sky . I'm out. Unless you have questions lol

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:58:48

What would we all do?I see a post here form a girl in South Africa seing the same things I see here.they were in sort of informal formation while stoping within star paterns when noticed.satellites move across the sky in a straight line,steady speed,air planes jets helicopters(shooting stars,commits)self explanatory any other movement up there is not from here,piriod.tho I do believe they have respcet for our planet.We may verry well be just a charging station.planet of colective enrgy fields

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:42:03

Throughout history.Cavemen walked till they invented the wheel,humans road horses till we ivented the car that wasnt enough and started flying, computers came out after the glory of those the computer it self was inadequate so the computer drew wave for the internet.But that bright light in the sky you see.And I see.And nobody else even cares about.Y.I don't know y.Lol But that bright light.Has had constant technology.Throu the ages In many sighting storys.I have theorys as to y they come aswell

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:30:15

Hi.I live in northern ontario,I see this all the time,it is just as you say.i observe there are many i believe they have different characteristic behaviour,I observe them closely.I don't study them.I just love to know.That I know.and yeah.Its almost as if the "watevr it is" notices you, noticing it!and it's behavior changes,It's something not from this world.It's Like this. Dinosaurs,cavemen,ppl ,technology,all these evolve,this watevr.has not changed description more than shape throug

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Kaleidoscope of Paranormal

Now this will be hard to believe. I never grew up at home with stories of anything that would relate to UFO's or anything in this category whatsoever. I was of Italian/Spanish ethnicity so I had an Italian home life.

My experiences over the years vary, and are strange...until one day when I was in my 20ís - I was in bed and then felt myself floating. I was able to turn my head right and saw I was not in my bed, but floating towards the ceiling. After this, my memory is completely gone.

The years rolled by and I experienced sexual attacks by both incubus and succubi; my encounters appeared to be spiritual in nature. I had years of being attacked in bed by some unknown force (when I was about 4-5 years old, I had attacks of screaming when I heard growling noises in my bedroom, but no sound would leave my mouth; I screamed in silence.) Over the years I had other experiences which are to hard for even me to believe, but I know they happened; they were real to me.

By the time I was in my mid 30's I had dreams of a man waiting for me every night across the street from my home. Then a blueish white light would come into the kitchen window, and my memory would be gone. In my 40's I saw my first UFO on 10/1/2004 at 5:56 am (read about that here. I was shocked, and after the experience I felt as if I had a spiritual high and blissful feeling which lasted a day or two. (A note, I am a survivor of child abuse and have PTSD, but I can assure you, I have no diagnosis as far as delusional or psychological disorders as part of my PTSD for delusional or paranoia idealizations or hallucinations.)

In 2012-2013 I was abducted from my home (my neighbors who I shared this with reported seeing UFOs around our building, two separate families who believed me when I shared my abduction). They didn't hurt me. I was taken through a portal and it felt like wind at the speed of light. I ended up on a highway. It was so bright, but yet when I looked over the highway railing, in the distance I saw that it was night time. To the right side of me, there was a house, a dead tree and there it appeared to be so bright, but passed their images it was as dark as night. It was then I looked up and saw there was a huge craft; the entire craft was emanating this light in the immediate area, the shell of the craft, the entire craft itself was light. Underneath it I could see some other colored lights which I can only recall as being green, red, orange. My heart was racing with fear. Then to my right side there appeared a hybrid type of being - like an experiment gone wrong; it appeared to be half human and half reptilian. He said to me "Someone wants to meet you." I could not speak, but that was fine - he said this through telepathy. He began to walk me to a red van. While I was trembling I looked above and the UFO slowly moved as we walked over to the van. There was another one of the same beings sitting inside. I looked towards the back of the van and there was an older man tied up, and a dog. He looked at me and said his name was Jayson. H then e said to me "If you love nature so much, why are you destroying it?" I could not speak. I was gripped by fear and my heart was racing. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and then I was back in bed. The being had given me a list containing 11 points, and I wrote it down in a journal.

Another time a sphere of light the size of a basket or soccer ball was hovering in the right side of my bedroom. It was just hovering in the corner of the ceiling, bright, white, then in an instant it shot out the living room window. It was closed. Moving forward: Sometime in late 2014-into 2015 I took the number 6 train, as I do every morning for 15 years to go to work. I get off on the Brooklyn Bridge to catch the 4 or 5 express to Brooklyn. The 6 to Brooklyn Bridge is the last stop, so you have to transfer to the express. On this occasion I noticed that one car was filled with people, I was curious as to why. Typically the conductor walked up and down to assure everyone was off the train before it moved on to the uptown track, but this obviously had not happened this time. I kept looking back, still curious as to why no one showed up to move these people off the car. In any case, I turned on my music, leaned my head back and began to chant OM. Then this young man came over on my left side and just stood there staring at me; a deep, stern look in his eyes. I looked at him and thought "is this dude trying to pick me up?" I tried to ignore him, but I kept being drawn to look at him. Then I saw the number 4 train coming. It stopped, I get on, and then I am lost...completely lost in time, and I wake up on the 6 line already half way back uptown to 14 Union Sq., but I was supposed to be on the number 4 train headed to Brooklyn. When I was "waking up" I felt as if my mind was being being pulled in both directions, past and present....and in front of me, was that same man, looking at me from the glass of the train car door. When I woke up I realized I was on Spring Street Stop, but I donít know how I got there. In order to get to the number 6 line, you have to walk up stairs, go back down a flight and wait for the 6 uptown, but I was on the track where the 6 line ended and was waiting for the 4 to Brooklyn and I saw the train - it said 4, and then I woke up on the 6 line back to Manhattan. The car I was 'placed in' was filled with people...people of color...strange. I had thoughts, feelings they were all other world beings. They didn't hurt me; I got off on Union Sq. I was bewildered, scared, and in disbelief. I felt I had no control over my own being, my own body, my own spirit. I avoided getting off at Brooklyn Bridge for a while, and then when I decided I was not going to be afraid, I went back to my usual route, and it happened again.

I was taken and then placed on the wrong train headed the wrong way. Why they did this again to me I don't have a clue, but up to this day, I have never been back to the Brooklyn Bridge Stop to wait for the 4 or 5 express train, I get off at 14 Union Sq station. Over the years the many different and strange experiences have left me feeling out of sorts, and confused as to why this has been happening, but up to this point, (and with the many other things I did not share) all has been quiet. It appears it happens in spurts over the years. If I was to count how many times I was taken, it would be 3 I'm sure of, and one I am not to sure of, but in all these experiences I have never been harmed. The only thing that leaves me perplexed is the morning I was floating off of my bed toward the ceiling. I felt as if all these years only a part of me has been returned, hard to explain. In a sense, they took an essence from me. I can remember being taken but can't remember ever being returned, or 'fully returned' if that makes sense. I wrote a book on my experiences called "Missing Time on the 6 Line: Case Number # 37914" (Iím not trying to plug my book here) I wrote it, itís a short 38 pages, but I thought it was important to do, it has more of my experiences in it. I have seen more UFOS over the years, but nothing I can say that has approached me...I may see things but that's about it. No experiences since the train episode. There was a time I said "if these things are real then there is no God", but this can't be, because who created them? My whole world has changed because of these encounters. Now I view Holy Books, which many I've read, as stories with UFO encounters and engagements with extraterrestrial beings. It's as if the blinders were pulled off and I was pushed into another reality I did not ask for. My story is true to the best of my ability as I wrote this. If any clarification is needed please contact me. Maybe I finally found a platform where I can share and not feel like people think I'm nuts, because some of my friends think I amÖbut there have been a few who believe and had similar experiences. Thanks for reading.

By: Lucian A. Sparta - Feb-27-2016


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