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Melissa Mason #704
2016-07-26 15:57:34

This would be a great story if it stayed uniform.. with or without electric. How was the body freezer burned? Or not decomposed because the electric was cut off. rnrnYou searched 2 hours with a K9 for a ghost on 2 floors? I live in covington and just came across the building and this was the first thing that came up about the booth hospital.

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trucker saw #688
2016-07-19 18:55:03

Only problem I have with this picture is the fact that there are so many lights around that it's difficult to tell what is actually a spirit and what is simple reflection. It's a good picture though

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Spike Hunter #662
2016-07-03 22:13:50

There are about 4 more on the way,they just have to load more on the site

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VeraVee #695
2016-06-22 04:13:33

Also from the abductions and interference,i had a very traumatising childhood. Anyway,here where we live,is a place where we have had many ufo sightings,and there's a strange flying cryptid around here too. Btw just wanted to say,about the Tokoloshe,my husband saw it once too,by our gate. My son saw it first,he actually called my husband to come see,then my hubby drove it off.My son seems to have some clairvoyance also.Anyway ya thanks for sharing your fascinating stories.

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VeraVee #695
2016-06-22 04:09:21

Hi Spike,me too,Mpumalanga Province. I was fascinated by you and your family's history of high strange experiences. It's the same for us. My husband is a clairvoyant,who sees spirits and entities,since first memory. I am an abductee,who grew up in a severely negative-spirit infested house. It was actually built on a graveyard right up against an old deconsecrated church. A very toxic environment,because being an empath and slightly psychic,i could very keenly sense those presences around us.

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