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Will Pender #1
2014-07-30 21:59:57

Thanks Tarnya:) I don't even know how I'd classify our show, really it's just topics that we find interesting, and we're pretty jaded, so the topics we usually dig are more on the weird side. Turns out others like it too! Glad your digging it:)

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Tarnya Attwell-Stone
2014-07-30 06:40:00

There are no show's like your's here in the UK, there are some tame ghost program's on tv, but thats about it. And I have heard of people through lack of knowlege have got themselves in a mess, which is why show's like your's are so great to educate people. Catching up on loads of your podcast's as a newcomer, really excellent!

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Will Pender #1
2014-07-29 08:56:21

Welcome to the site Tarnya. We are all lovers of the paranormal here, and though I can't speak for everyone, I certainly love animals, and my animals are family to me:)

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Tarnya Attwell-Stone
2014-07-28 13:49:14

Its just so nice to know im not alone in my love of all things strange, Also its good to find other'S that love animal's like family to. Thanks guy's.

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Will Pender #1
2014-07-24 19:44:59

Hey Jordan; I'm sure I heard of that book but I can't place it. Haven't seen the video yet, hopefully will have time the weekend!

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