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Hunter Forrest #471
2015-04-25 05:44:05

As far as the sticks breaking I never investigated, I should also mention the notorious sightings by the locals in colorado of many low flying helicopters throughout the valleys between the mountains.. I dunno there's some weird shit going on up there.. I don't think I'll ever go back to be honest..

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Ryan V #477
2015-04-24 01:04:11

I can't wait for the seasons! definitely looking forward to purchasing those. Your podcasts are so interesting, and looking forward to getting them all!

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Hunter Forrest #471
2015-04-22 15:50:32

i assure you that most of the people that are listening to your shows are fans and most of the time they do not give feedback.. its usually the shit ass people that try to make others feel full of hate and negativity... don't take it personal the guys commenting are probably 15 year old kids beating off in their rooms and mad at the world cause some hot girl at school didn't say hi... I would agree with you on disabling the comments. keep up the amazing work!

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Tony L #475
2015-04-21 19:47:32

should drink more often mate, can't wait for the next ones

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Kay Burns #41
2015-04-20 03:42:36

That's great! Look forward to the next podcast :)

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