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Will Pender #1
2014-07-24 19:44:59

Hey Jordan; I'm sure I heard of that book but I can't place it. Haven't seen the video yet, hopefully will have time the weekend!

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Will Pender #1
2014-07-24 19:43:36

Thanks Julie; I'm glad you got a sense of who he was. The least I could do for him was get his memory out there. I really miss the little guy, and when I actually stop to think about it, I still get really depressed. Thanks for your comment:)

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Julie #263
2014-07-23 23:28:15

What a beautiful cat, inside and out. I feel like I knew him after reading your wonderful tribute to him! I'm so sorry for your loss. (((Gentle hugs))) and prayers.

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Jordan Smith #261
2014-07-21 11:11:12

P.S Please Look up WWW.MOSTOFFENSIVEVIDEO.COM and watch Rudolf The Five Legged Reindeer and Fanta Claus, i would love your opinions. Oh yeah, i have one Ghost thing it went straight thru me! It was a blast of cold air and i heard a high pitch squeal in my head. Guess because they are on a higher frequency than us. Only lasted a second or two but it was unmistakable!

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Jordan Smith #261
2014-07-21 02:42:34

Just imagine being ripped limb from limb my what seems like a fooking monster! Especially for the kids as well. I have got the Paulides books and listened to what he has to say and i feel it fits like a jigsaw really. I Just hope that the government is on it. What do you guys think of the Alien Race Book from Russia and all the notes?

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