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mgm220 #605
2015-11-23 13:00:48

Great episode! I was curious to see if there were reports of the 'moth man' in other places outside the ones you mentioned and found this news report in Cali, Colombia. Apparently a security camera captured, in a single frame, a black winged creature! Check it out:rnhttp://misteriosenlaweb.blogspot.it/2011/05/extrana-aparicion-en-cali-colombia.html

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Anne #596
2015-10-31 09:52:05

I think u r my soul sister. your life and mine are way to alike I wonder how many more of us are out there? it is crazy how similar we are I have never heard a story so very similar to my own. Thanks for shsaring it

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crystal #472
2015-10-19 21:30:42

Kewaunee lapseritis is a scientist how wrote amazing books and lots on you tube , check it out! crazy stuff

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Sheri Lowe #38
2015-09-26 11:10:09

sheri Lowe continuing my comment... I did a podcast for Effed Up Stories on this dark time which I believe was demonic oppression.

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Sheri Lowe #38
2015-09-26 10:59:51

I was intrigued by the demon/ape reference for to reasons. when i was in my teens I was doing dishes and felt like something was watching me through the front door window but when I'd look I wouldn't see anything so I faked I was going to look then looked away and quickly looked back and saw an ape-like hairy face staring back. I screamed blue murder but when my dad looked there wasn't anything there. Then later me and my friends and cousins saw small humanoid hairy hands move under a door. rn

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