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Asuka #362
2017-01-21 12:58:21

Hi, in the latest podcast, you were telling the story of Mary, who said she knew 6 months in advance when someone was gonna die. I read about yogi's who know this exact same thing in the same timeframe, they explain that about 6 months before someone dies a part of their energy leaves them. It sounds exactly like what Mary was talking about, maybe this comment helps her to understand what she is feeling, and that she doesn't have to be afraid of it, it seems to be a normal thing.

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James #757
2016-12-14 22:08:34

Sure there are also astronaut's space shuttles . good luck seeing that tho lol anyway last post that looks like my first post ,that's wierd btw anyway definetly squint an eye Especially things that button hook across the night sky . I'm out. Unless you have questions lol

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:58:48

What would we all do?I see a post here form a girl in South Africa seing the same things I see here.they were in sort of informal formation while stoping within star paterns when noticed.satellites move across the sky in a straight line,steady speed,air planes jets helicopters(shooting stars,commits)self explanatory any other movement up there is not from here,piriod.tho I do believe they have respcet for our planet.We may verry well be just a charging station.planet of colective enrgy fields

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:42:03

Throughout history.Cavemen walked till they invented the wheel,humans road horses till we ivented the car that wasnt enough and started flying, computers came out after the glory of those the computer it self was inadequate so the computer drew wave for the internet.But that bright light in the sky you see.And I see.And nobody else even cares about.Y.I don't know y.Lol But that bright light.Has had constant technology.Throu the ages In many sighting storys.I have theorys as to y they come aswell

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James #757
2016-12-14 21:30:15

Hi.I live in northern ontario,I see this all the time,it is just as you say.i observe there are many i believe they have different characteristic behaviour,I observe them closely.I don't study them.I just love to know.That I know.and yeah.Its almost as if the "watevr it is" notices you, noticing it!and it's behavior changes,It's something not from this world.It's Like this. Dinosaurs,cavemen,ppl ,technology,all these evolve,this watevr.has not changed description more than shape throug

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Black Magic Curse

Black magic typically involves hurting somebody for revenge or selfish gains. This usually manifests itself in the form of a curse causing extremely bad luck and misfortune to an individual. Though people often dabble, it is strongly not recommended with black magic as the old adage, what you send out comes back times three is very important here - intent is key.

Many people who are interested in the occult, witchcraft, or magic spells in general are familiar with black / dark magic, and though there are certainly quite a few stories around involving curses and hexes being put on people, in this episode we tell a few of the stranger cases.

One story involves a wealthy family who is cursed by a disgruntled worker who was recently fired. His curse manifests beings throw stones onto and into the families home, and more specifically, to pelt a fellow servant out of jealousy, hurting him quite badly.

The second story involves the infamous doll named Robert, named after itís original owner who then decided to go by a shortened version of his middle name, Gene. The two shared a very strange and involved relationship that lasted through Geneís entire life. People have allegedly heard Gene speaking to his doll, and the doll answering back in a totally different voice; visitors would sometimes see the doll scrambling up the stairs out of their peripheral vision; they would hear him walking in the attic, giggling. Some people on the street allegedly saw the doll watching them, scurrying from window to window, and of course, the doll sometimes had a temperÖ

The doll was originally cursed by a disgruntled servant who had been abused by the affluent family, and gifted to their child, but after Geneís death, the doll continued to curse others - mainly those who took his picture without his permission in his current home; a museum. In fact, this still goes on today.

NOTE: Sorry for audio levels and general quality. The software we had been using to record our podcast via Skype is not playing nicely with our new audio interface, and in this case I have not been able to edit our voice tracks separately, or at all really - itís raw.. We will be recording our show differently from now on, hopefully. Also, normally I use adobe premier to edit video, and I was forced to use iMovie for this which is just terrible; my apologies for any anomalies.

By: Effed Up Stories - Jan-30-2016


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