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Jordan Smith #261
2014-07-21 11:11:12

P.S Please Look up WWW.MOSTOFFENSIVEVIDEO.COM and watch Rudolf The Five Legged Reindeer and Fanta Claus, i would love your opinions. Oh yeah, i have one Ghost thing it went straight thru me! It was a blast of cold air and i heard a high pitch squeal in my head. Guess because they are on a higher frequency than us. Only lasted a second or two but it was unmistakable!

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Jordan Smith #261
2014-07-21 02:42:34

Just imagine being ripped limb from limb my what seems like a fooking monster! Especially for the kids as well. I have got the Paulides books and listened to what he has to say and i feel it fits like a jigsaw really. I Just hope that the government is on it. What do you guys think of the Alien Race Book from Russia and all the notes?

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Will Pender #1
2014-07-20 21:13:07

Hey Jordan; I think it is very possible that Sasquatch is behind it. Ryan certainly seems to think so; And James, I can certainly understand. The missing people in those national parks is as interesting as it is scary!

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James #257
2014-07-17 20:43:34

Those missing people at National Parks, really freaked me out, I usually don't freak out on things, but that made not want to go to the mountains again

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Jordan Smith #261
2014-07-17 17:14:30

Yes! I am a member. What do you guys think about Missing411 by David Paulides? Think Sasquatch is dining on hikers and country folk?

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Ghost In The Window

Ghost in the window

Will's Note: I edited the original submitted picture; I brightened and cropped it so you could better see the apparition. For a look at the original, just click the thumbnail. Please see the text accompanying the original submission below.

I emailed you guys awhile back about possibly talking to you guys about some of my experiences at Mathews Beach and Colonial Williamsburg. I figured i would post this picture and see what you thought. it was taken with a digital camera at about 25 yards away. i was standing still and the weather was warm and clear. The building was empty and locked. Its an old courthouse building in Colonial Williamsburg. I think you will notice something odd...

Submitted By: Joseph Pitt 03/02/2014


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