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Asuka #362
2014-12-09 18:13:02

The first thing that tiger reminded me of was the Gmork from the Neverending Story movie. But looks like some sort of shadowbeastie.

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Foreverchased86 #249
2014-11-27 09:25:45

Zoe, I am sorry to hear that all of this has happened. I too know the effects and tragedies of the aftermath of Ouija boards. The other thing I can advise is until you can get a hold of a Demonologist, sage your home. It may not get rid of Zozo, but it will decrease the activity for a little bit. A cheap statue of a cat facing your door will help too

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Will Pender #1
2014-11-24 22:18:26

I'm sorry to hear that Zoe. As interesting as I find the subject, I don't like to hear people suffering. Have you ever tried or thought about reaching out to a demonologist? I'm sure there must be someone with the knowledge and skill to help. That would be my recommendation. Hope you get it sorted out.

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ZoeDarkfire #192
2014-11-24 03:45:42

I have been having a bad time of it since my last comment,seems zozo didnt like my trying to warn others off ouija boards,more scratches and assaults,lots of creepy stuff going on.

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Will Pender #1
2014-11-11 19:15:27

There are psychics and Shamans that can tell you a connection between your birthdate and life. I think there may be something to it, I mean, look how strange I turned out! Perhaps you are on to something!

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Ghost In The Window

Ghost in the window

Will's Note: I edited the original submitted picture; I brightened and cropped it so you could better see the apparition. For a look at the original, just click the thumbnail. Please see the text accompanying the original submission below.

I emailed you guys awhile back about possibly talking to you guys about some of my experiences at Mathews Beach and Colonial Williamsburg. I figured i would post this picture and see what you thought. it was taken with a digital camera at about 25 yards away. i was standing still and the weather was warm and clear. The building was empty and locked. Its an old courthouse building in Colonial Williamsburg. I think you will notice something odd...

Submitted By: Joseph Pitt 03/02/2014


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