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Tim Brophy #635
2016-02-07 15:24:35

I like the stories you investigate and converse about. Thank you.

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seve #627
2016-01-24 08:41:08

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TannerV #624
2016-01-21 17:37:59

I know this is an older podcast but I'm a newer member, and just discovered effed up stories in December, and you guys do a hell of a job. Ourboros has heavy roots in alchemy. That might be a cool subject to talk about someday since alchemy has been tied with the occult and use of dark magic, even the transformation of humans into cryptids and even trying to discover what the soul is.

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Ryan V #477
2015-12-04 23:08:21

I had an experience I had posted here which I believed to be a "ghost cat" walking around on my bed from one side, where my back was turned over each leg to the other side which is the side my face lay. I swore it was my cAt, but was surprised nothing was there. This post gives me creeps as it makes me think my experience was not a cat. A slight vibration of my bed seemed normal. I figured it was my body's involuntary muscle movements and my mind tricking me into a scare. -TX Ryan

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mgm220 #605
2015-11-23 13:00:48

Great episode! I was curious to see if there were reports of the 'moth man' in other places outside the ones you mentioned and found this news report in Cali, Colombia. Apparently a security camera captured, in a single frame, a black winged creature! Check it out:rnhttp://misteriosenlaweb.blogspot.it/2011/05/extrana-aparicion-en-cali-colombia.html

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PodcastUnexpected Visitors

One night when Roberto is having trouble getting to sleep, he noticed two figures in his bedroom doorway. Two aliens who proceeded to have telepathic communication with him.

Posted: 2016-02-07 21:31:29
PodcastMurder Mansion

A rich old tycoon known as Mr. Abbott hosted many occult ceremonies in his mansion. That was until he was possessed, hacked up his family, and killed himself. Hunter and John stumble across the place in their search for the paranormal, and find more than they bargained for.

Posted: 2016-02-02 19:15:51
StoryTime Killer

Sarah recounts a strange experience she had as a child. A dark figure pulled her mothers car over, and the next thing she remembers is being turned around on a side road. Though Sarah remembers tidbits, her mother doesnít remember anything between being pulled over, and getting back onto the main road.

Posted: 2016-02-01 20:46:16
PodcastBlack Magic Curse

Several cases involving black magic are discussed. One revolves around a house where stones materialize inside and out, pummeling a servant of the family. Another focuses on Robert the Doll; a doll that was said to run around the house and watch the neighbors out of the windows, and have great control over his owner.

Posted: 2016-01-30 21:33:30
StoryThe Lady in White

On a stormy fall night fifteen years ago, James and a friend were driving along a lonely stretch of highway when they noticed a strange hitchhiker. While hitchhikers were common among these parts, this woman was dressed all in white and appeared to glow.

Posted: 2016-01-30 21:22:50
PodcastMissing - Granger Taylor's Alien Voyage

Almost a million people go missing each year in the United States alone. Thatís a very scary figure. While there are countless possible reasons for this, some of those disappearances are truly bizarre; such as the case of Granger Taylor.

Posted: 2016-01-20 23:12:04
StoryMasked Monster in my Closet

There is a monster that wears masks; masks that portray human emotions. This monster hides in Davids closet, opening the door at night to portray a different face. It disappears if one approaches it; what does it want?

Posted: 2016-01-20 23:06:19
PodcastSatan's Skeleton Key

Kevin muttered something to the Devil, and he heard him. To the highest highs to the lowest lows, Kevin recounts his deal with the devil.

Posted: 2016-01-12 21:04:36
StoryStrange Aliens in My Bedroom

What first appeared to be his siblings turned out to be two strange looking aliens. Roberto recalls the strange communication between the two as they spoke telepathically, and the preluding events he believes were the cause of it.

Posted: 2016-01-12 20:55:36
NewsDonation Goal Success!

You did it! Your donations have bought our needed audio interface - New recording begins this weekend!

Posted: 2016-01-07 16:00:51
StoryDevils Riches

One day while angry, Kevin muttered something to the devil; he heard him. Suddenly Kevin had extraordinary luck in the music industry, with money, and woman. When Kevin began to make the connected, he wanted out. With that, his life fell apart. From riches to rags. Kevin then spent 10 years in prison and a demon came with him.

Posted: 2016-01-02 23:52:36
PodcastThe Imp Who Wanted My Soul

An Imp who wanted Jonny's Soul

Posted: 2015-12-13 21:12:34
StoryInto the Shadow of Death

Passing the heart palpitations off as anxiety, Michael continued to mow the lawn until he collapsed. Into the void he went.

Posted: 2015-12-09 20:47:28
StoryThe Idle Imp

Jonny was on the bad end of an idle imp from a young age. The imp would frequently cause mischief; shaking the bed, the walls, punch and scratch him, etc. This would continue throughout Jonnyís childhood until he moved away. Unfortunately Jonny was forced to move back where the Imp picked right back up from where they left off.

Posted: 2015-12-01 21:38:15
NewsWe Need Donations

A look into our predicament, and how you can help.

Posted: 2015-11-25 19:28:04
PodcastDark Infestation - Alien, Demon Connection

Reeís child experiences bizarre welts and rashes accompanied by episodes of possible demonic possession. Ree believes she has an alien implant, involved in possible alien cross breeding programs, and that their may be a connection between all of it.

Posted: 2015-11-25 19:22:38
StoryDrowning NDE

As a young child Andrew almost drowned in a pond close to home. As he left his body, he experienced a very unusual near death experience. Andrewís experience didnít involve a tunnel of light or the typical tropes - what he saw was almost abstract; alien, yet beautiful.

Posted: 2015-11-12 19:40:28
PicsHaunted iPhone

When navigating her new iPhone, Annmarie stumbled upon the camera app and was startled to find paranormal photos of her house that she hadnít taken. Not only did she not know how the pictures got there, but the angle at which they were taken would have required someone with an eagle eye view above her enclosed backyard.

Posted: 2015-11-10 20:29:11
StoryMy Dark Soothsayer

As the bright beam of light from the afternoon sun pierced Anneís window, she saw what she thought was her roommates shadow; it was not. It was an 8 foot tall being Ė extremely skinny, and a shade of black sheíd never seen before. Telepathically it told her of a serious health condition she had Ė it saved her life.

Posted: 2015-11-02 16:27:11
StoryMrs. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

Emma had a close relationship with her mom. She was always nurturing and caring. Then one day her mother was diagnosed with a disease that would ultimately force her into a wheelchair. Shortly after that her mom began having episodes that were totally out of character. These episodes were similar to that of split personality; a character in stark contrast to her normal self. Ever worsening, by the end it seemed as if she was possessed. No doctor could offer an explanation.

Posted: 2015-10-22 21:08:10
StoryMy Paranormal Life

A woman describes the close connection to the paranormal she has had her entire life. She has experienced poltergeists activity, psychic and empathic phenomenon, apparitions, and premonitions. She is certainly a sensitive to the other side, and details her experiences to the letter. Despite all of this, she feels itís raised more questions than answers. Perhaps some of you out there might relate.

Posted: 2015-10-21 21:42:44
StoryAlice the Friendly Ghost

After a stressful scare in the hospital, Kay and her son were free to leave. To treat themselves, Kay and her husband decided to stay at a luxurious hotel Ė a hotel that is home to a friendly ghost named Alice.

Posted: 2015-10-21 21:37:31
StoryCottage Ginger Ghost

Kay and her ex-boyfriend decided to spend the weekend an a 17th century cottage. Soon after arriving they began to experience a strong sensation of being watched, things being thrown, terrible smells and cold temperatures. All details point to a ghost of a red haired man who they believe did something very wrong.

Posted: 2015-10-21 21:34:53
StoryPrimary School UFO

Kay and her childhood friends were hanging out at their local school one night. Things turn strange when one of the children notices a strange light moving in erratic patterns.

Posted: 2015-10-21 21:32:34
PicsWoodchester Mansion

Rache details her first of two nights investigating the Woodchester Mansion. An extremely loud, guttural moan is heard by 3 of 20 people and is also captured on an audio recorded. Also recorded are two paranormal pictures courtesy of Rache and her camera.

Posted: 2015-10-20 21:03:26
StoryThe Natives and Bigfoot

A native of Utah named Hope, claims to have seen Bigfoot throughout her life, and knows the story behind their disappearance. Read her story.

Posted: 2015-10-19 22:09:39
PodcastBigfoot and the Human Connection

Bigfoot was found long ago, and actually protected by our own caring human soldiers.

Posted: 2015-10-18 18:24:27
PodcastBlack Bird of Chernobyl

The Black Bird of Chernobyl, Mothman, Freiburg Shrieker, Grinning Man, and Cornstalk Curse connection.

Posted: 2015-10-18 18:16:07
PodcastJersey Devil in Pine Barrens

Jules and his friend Harry explore the isolated area known as Pine Barrens, where they run into the cursed mythical creature known as the Jersey Devil.

Posted: 2015-10-07 14:44:56
StoryAn Unfortunate Accident

One night as a teenager, Jason and friends began using a Ouija Board. After making contact with some kind of entity, Jason asked the date of his death. After receiving his answer, Jason eventually forget until that day came to pass. On that day, Jason experienced an unfortunate accident.

Posted: 2015-10-07 14:30:35
PodcastMonster in the Wilds

Dan and friends take a trip into the wilds. After descending from their perch in the mountains, Dan spies a Cthonian creature hiding in the shadows.

Posted: 2015-10-04 18:43:42

As a small child Marie didnít understand the strange things she saw and felt. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she had inherited her motherís profound psychic ability.

Posted: 2015-09-28 15:46:54
StoryLife of an Empath

As a child Marie didnít understand the strange feelings and premonitions she would get. She also experienced the paranormal; scared and confused she looked for answers, and uncovered these are traits she shared with her mother.

Posted: 2015-09-23 16:48:55
StoryDark Infestation

Ree is a single mother of 4. Strange things have happened with her son since he was a baby, but things took a turn when he awoke with a rash down one side of his body and strange bite marks, during which his mother dreamt of insects swarming the walls. Her son told her "a spider bite me" - This continues today. She also has symptoms of being pregnant that comes and goes, and believes she may have had contact with Aliens.

Posted: 2015-09-20 11:33:00
StoryToo Good To Be True

Dan lands an expansive house with 8 rooms for a cheap price. With so much extra space, he rents out several rooms to friends. Soon after they move in, things begin to go sour. Things take a particularly bad turn on the night they decide to throw a party, which ends with the appearance of a demon, and the disappearance of one of the friends.

Posted: 2015-09-07 20:44:43
StoryLucky 13

At the age of 13, Jose discovered that his family belonged to a cult that practiced black magic. His life of misfortune and demonic attacks finally made sense, but now he had to get help to rid himself of the demon that was attached to him.

Posted: 2015-09-07 19:26:27
StoryUnderwater UFO

John and his girlfriend went out to pick up her brother Chris. Chris worked as a janitor at a U.S. Navy base. They arrived early and began to stargaze. While doing so, they saw a mysterious golden craft flying in impossible maneuvers in the sky. There was no sound. This same craft later entered the water before it disappeared under the waves. This was followed by questioning and veiled threats by a mysterious man.

Posted: 2015-09-02 17:15:12
StoryDivine Intervention

In a pit of despair, Robert was about to take his life when a mysterious phone call from his dead soulmate intervened.

Posted: 2015-09-02 10:53:42
StoryClassroom NDE

Dan has an NDE while in class. After he pops out of his body, he follows it in spirit form to the morgue.

Posted: 2015-09-02 10:21:55
StoryVisions and Intuition

Lela gives us some examples of her intuition and psychic dreams.

Posted: 2015-09-02 10:16:57
StoryAbbott Mansion

As fans of the paranormal, Hunter and his friend John began to go deeper and deeper. Eventually this lead them to a Mansion that was previously owned by a rich oil tycoon named Mr. Abbott. The Story goes that Nr. Abbott snapped one day, killed his wife and kids, and eventually himself. They also met 4 satanists there, who had some ulterior motives.

Posted: 2015-08-30 22:50:32
StoryTransparent UFO

A man witnesses a rare UFO sighting which he describes as rectangular and transparent. Possibly connected, is the strange shadowman he finds in his backyard half a year later.

Posted: 2015-08-30 22:34:37
StorySasquatch in Hockamock Swamp

As a kid, Michael joined his father and his fellow friends on a hunting trip. Things take a dark turn when the father becomes aware of a figure stalking them. Cautious and afraid, the father shields his son while trying to get back to safety. The family hunting dog attacks the creature, but the aftermath is revealed the next day.

Posted: 2015-08-30 22:28:22

Dan is depressed, and at home his hatred is growing towards his father. Eventually it becomes more than that; Dan hears a demon that asks for permission. Though Dan had taken preventative measures, everything comes to a head one night. Dan finds he has no control, he blacks out, previous hallucinations are proven to be premonitions, and Danís father is murdered.

Posted: 2015-08-30 22:22:37
StoryUFOs and Loud Booms

Adamís early experience with the paranormal follows him into the Military, where he witnesses several UFOs and hears loud unexplainable booms.

Posted: 2015-08-30 22:10:44
StoryDemon Magnet Part 2

Part 2: Williamís life was filled with anger and depression; lower emotions he began to embody himself. After a lifetime of bad luck and paranormal events, he tracks down a Shaman who tells him multiple demons are attached to him.

Posted: 2015-08-30 21:41:22
StoryDemon Magnet Part 1

Williamís life was filled with anger and depression; lower emotions he began to embody himself. After a lifetime of bad luck and paranormal events, he tracks down a Shaman who tells him multiple demons are attached to him.

Posted: 2015-08-30 21:29:59
StoryHaunted Camper

In a small quiet town, 4 young girls have a sleep over in a pop-up camper on the front lawn. They are paralyzed with fear when the camper begins to shake violently, knocking them out of bed.

Posted: 2015-08-30 20:06:09
StoryWitch Doctorís Baby

Out on a peaceful walk, Spike had noticed hoof prints that seemed out of place. He also heard a scratching noise that began to follow him. By chance he bumped into a Shaman, whoís explanation was almost as scary as what followed.

Posted: 2015-08-30 19:59:56
Story13 Years to Live

Deeply depressed and desperate, Madison prays for death. The wish felt so powerful she was afraid to sleep, but when she did, she had a strange experience. It felt more than a dream - vivid and surreal; Madison and 2 others were met by an Angel who told them that they would each die in 13 years.

Posted: 2015-08-16 23:27:21
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