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luke #254
2014-08-27 13:54:52

There are 2 aliens one in front of the red suited one.

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Will Pender #1
2014-08-12 20:47:00

@ symogums: Thank you kind sir:)

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symogums #286
2014-08-12 20:24:20

what a fantastic well thought out web site, excellent work mr pender

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Will Pender #1
2014-08-07 08:24:40

Hey Tarnya, I would imagine that hospitals in particular would be a prime target for hauntings due to all the people dyeing there. A large portion of my family work at the hospital and I've heard many stories from them as well, such as seeing ghosts, feeling watched, hearing people who weren't there, and people who were dying reaching there hands out and communicating with what seemed to be, invisible people above them.

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Tarnya Attwell-Stone
2014-08-01 05:35:36

Ghostly intruder story, my nan used to work as a nurse at the hospital in this story after it was a work house, she said that nobody would go to the top floor alone, and when she took her break in the day room, on night shift, she had an overwhelming feeling of negativity and had to leave the room.

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