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Will Pender #1
2014-10-11 23:04:09

There were a couple other passages that referenced animals up there too; I can't remember what they were, but I hope it's correct. The only reason it's even a question, is that there seem to be a lot of religious people who say that animal souls die with the body. I don't believe it, but certainly it must be something that weighs on the minds of some animal lovers and pet owners.

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Will Pender #1
2014-10-11 23:01:21

I'm not sure about lost time and his past, but Mike reached out to me not to long ago, and things have gotten worse. He sent me pictures of his wife with red marks around her neck, as if she was being strangled in her sleep. I told him to seek out a priest or more specifically, a demonologist who specializes in this kind of thing; you might be right about the coven; honestly I have no idea, but I hope he can get the help he needs.

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Nick #334
2014-10-10 08:13:32

Has Mike experienced lost time in his past? I very much suspect that there are two issues at play here and 500 chars won't be enough to explain. There are attachments, but I think there might also be coven activity which means a group of people actively engaging Mike and his family. You can't get rid of that unless you deal with the coven and its source of power. Mike really needs help from someone with experience in this.

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Nick #334
2014-10-09 13:31:56

Wow, I consider that a failed exorcism! I disagree that it's about will or strength. It's all about legal authority. If you have higher authority than the entity then it's irrelevant how strong you are, which is good because we all have weak moments. If you act in your own authority then this is what happens to you. Great objective lesson here.

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Nick #334
2014-10-09 12:15:44

LOL I experienced a similar thing, except I arrived at my destination almost an hour before I left. Totally bizarre! I confirmed it with 5 separate time pieces as well as other evidence.

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