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Will Pender #1
2015-02-24 21:57:57

Thanks Gunter, we very much appreciate it. Truth be told though, it's not just the negativity on the paid episodes, it's just a rise in the amount of needlessly insulting comments on all shows across the board - it goes hand in hand with the increase in popularity/views. I mean, the good comments raised too; I think they raised equally, but we've finally hit the point where the bs is "too much". I think we have a solution, but we just need a little breather.

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Gunter Gray #435
2015-02-24 18:49:49

Screw those people. They bitch about everything even paying 99 cents for shows. I bought all of them even the ones I wasn't interested in. Good job guys! I love the shows.

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Will Pender #1
2015-02-23 21:44:28

Thanks guys, much appreciated. Sherri what you spoke of is exactly what Ryan and I spoke of in our discussion of taking this vacation. We might make it so only members on this website can comment on our videos - here of course. This would cut down on the bs dramatically, as those type of folk are not very likely to make an account here just to insult us, and if they do, well, it wouldn't be smart of them to do in my domain.

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Sheri Lowe #38
2015-02-22 21:39:33

Not surprised boys... i saw the writing on the wall and felt the hostility...WTF some people are just ... despicable. Maybe only registered fans should have the right to comment an you can remove anything that is ridiculous and hateful. Have a nice vaykay but hope you guys come back some day.

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Frank #431
2015-02-22 12:55:53

Sorry you had to endure the rude comments out there. I have a very stressful job and just wanted to let you guys know that it was easier to deal with with EUS podcast in the background. I hope you guys return and weather the assholes that seem to multiply with each passing year. Good luck.

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NewsEffed Up Vacation

Need some alone time.

Posted: 2015-02-18 21:28:22
StoryA Monster at the Lake

Folks take six canoes downstream 11:30 at night; one canoe turns back. The remainder is toyed with by some monster in the woods as they race back to the park.

Posted: 2015-02-12 08:02:16
StorySome Old Ghosts

Three engineering students move into an apartment building who’s tenants are mostly seniors. Though neither of the young men believe in the paranormal, some strange events cause them to wonder if they might be sharing their place with some old ghosts.

Posted: 2015-02-02 22:27:27
PodcastBroken Time - Brain Lag

This episode uses a user submitted story as the catalyst to discuss our perception of time, place, memory, and reality.

Posted: 2015-01-31 00:00:00
PodcastAlien Abduction, Implants and Cross Breeding

As a mother presses her son for details, she is horrified to hear her son somehow describe how she and her family are regularly abducted by monsters from the sky.

Posted: 2015-01-27 00:00:00
PicsSaskatoon Chemtrails

Sheri Lowe discovers some ominous looking chemtrails while walking her dog at the old Sanatorium grounds in Saskatoon.

Posted: 2015-01-26 22:53:13
PodcastPAID: Ghost of Dogman

Clint Fitzpatrick grew up in a haunted house; a house haunted not by the ghost of a human, but of a monster.

Posted: 2015-01-26 22:32:19
PodcastPAID: Death by Ouija Board

Zozo proceeds to spell out the trio’s fate, predicting deaths, illnesses and other negative outcomes, all of which come true. Today, many years later, Zoe maintains that the monster known as Zozo still torments her on the anniversary of the event.

Posted: 2015-01-26 00:00:00
PodcastPAID: Highway into the Past

Two friends drive out to buy a car. During the trip, they turn off the highway onto a gravel road, and into another place in time. They are startled to see a horse pulling a carriage and a farmer dressed in old fashioned clothing.

Posted: 2015-01-26 00:00:00
PodcastPAID: Wrath of Kali

A family who worships Kali, bound to the contract, stops making sacrifice's after the father of the family dies. The result is a sinister curse of death placed upon the eldest son

Posted: 2015-01-26 00:00:00
PodcastOld Booth Hospital

Covington’s police department begin to receive an escalating number of calls from the security guard of an old run down Hospital. When the sergeant has had enough, Officer Dan cope is dispatched to stop the calls once and for all.

Posted: 2015-01-19 11:25:32
PicsDoug's Orb

Doug's sister-in-law captured an orb with some genuine qualities.

Posted: 2015-01-13 19:06:10
StoryThe Spirits Prey

Rachel and her friends visit an old cemetery for a ghost hunt. Things go awry when they discover they are being hunted by an invisible force.

Posted: 2015-01-11 21:57:02
StoryFarmers Ghost

Alone in the house, Cyndy hears someone playing with her husbands candy dish, has strange visions of a Farmer and his daugher in period clothing, and glimpses a shadowy figure. Could this all be connected?

Posted: 2015-01-07 18:58:44
StoryA Bad Feeling

A woman's sixth sense foretells tragedy.

Posted: 2015-01-02 18:46:04
PodcastCurse Of Immortality

A Jewish man allegedly assaulted Jesus on his way to crucifixion; because of this, Jesus cursed him with immortality, or at least, to walk the earth until his second coming.

Posted: 2014-12-24 18:09:35
PicsGhost Child

Heather and her family visited a ghost town, and while in the old house of a village doctor, she snapped a very errie picture of what appears to be the ghost of a child.

Posted: 2014-12-24 15:40:06
PodcastAlien Interference

UFO sightings, anomolies and reoccurring nightmares about aliens have plagued Mike throughout his entire life. All of these experiences have finally come to a point; Is Mike an abductee?

Posted: 2014-12-24 09:42:09
StoryVivid Crucifixion

The day after I left Satanism, I had a vivid nightmare; I was being brutally crucified. I could feel every nail, I tasted blood, I smelled death. Then I awoke in a paralyzed state, with a dark figure in my doorway.

Posted: 2014-12-24 09:35:52
StoryDead Ringer

The sound of ringing overcame him, drowning out all other noise. The ringing increased in volume until a bizarre orb materialized, put him to sleep, and took him to a strange land.

Posted: 2014-12-18 19:59:52
Story4 Foot Grey

Paula is awoken to errie silence and bizarre lights outside her second story bedroom window. She soon spies a grey alien before being forced into her bed by an invisible force, and blacking out.

Posted: 2014-12-13 17:22:27
StoryThe Old Estate

Apparitions, phantom noises, nightmares and more have haunted Ian as he grew up in a 100 year old Victorian home. The phenomenon continues even after the house is torn down...

Posted: 2014-12-13 17:07:02
StoryAlien Interference

UFO sightings, anomolies and reoccurring nightmares about aliens have plagued Mike throughout his entire life. All of these experiences have finally come to a point; Is Mike an abductee?

Posted: 2014-12-13 16:52:03
PodcastStrange Disappearances

Though there are plenty of strange disappearances involving individual people, harder to explain is the disappearances of large groups, villages, and in some cases, buildings themselves.

Posted: 2014-12-09 20:02:18
PodcastDeath by Nightmare

Tonight's episode explores the very real but little known phenomenon known as Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome. Yes ladies and gentleman, not only can you be killed by nightmares, but thousands of people already have been, and many cultures still fight to ward off the dream demons.

Posted: 2014-12-03 20:40:06
StoryA Game of Tragedies

A group of teenage girls contact a demon through a Ouija Board. The aftermath includes accidents, deaths, mysterious illnesses, cancer, physical attacks and demonic rape.

Posted: 2014-11-06 20:02:45
StoryThe Devil's Tongue

Hidden in the guise of an old women, the devil spits shocking and vulgar obscenities at a passerby.

Posted: 2014-11-03 20:02:06
PodcastOuija - The Zozo Phenomenon

Contact with Zozo often begins innocently enough, but always turns sour. Encounters with Zozo have lead to murder, suicide and possession. In this Halloween edition of Effed Up Stories, we detail some of the tragic stories involving Ouija board users and Zozo.

Posted: 2014-11-03 20:02:06
PodcastUFO Sickness; Military Cover Up

Mark's life has been peppered with encounters with aliens, ufos, and paranormal phenomenon, but the crux of his story involves just one encounter; one he had with a UFO while in the Military. This encounter left Mark with deteriorating health, missing medical records, and a curious discharge from the miltary. Aside from an obvious cover up, is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Posted: 2014-10-11 23:13:28
PodcastStirring Up Old Devils

One by one, Mikes family experiences nightmares that seem to focus on Mikes past involvement with the occult; a past Mike's family had known nothing about. More serious however, are when their daughter goes into convulsions as her eyes turn solid black, and her palms burn to the touch.

Posted: 2014-09-22 20:26:16
PodcastDo Animals have Souls?

In this episode we discuss several stories involving animals and the paranormal, such as a bridge countless dogs have used to leap to their death, a cat who saved his owner from getting shot, a cat who can predict when people are about to die, and more.

Posted: 2014-09-14 17:32:47
PodcastThe Breakaway Civilization

In this episode we discuss the theory of the breakaway civilization. Ryan was really excited to cover this topic so I decided to give him the floor as my guest, rather than my co-host for this episode. Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts!

Posted: 2014-09-14 17:32:47
PicsSurrounded By Ghosts

Tarnya often feels that she is surrounded by ghosts; while playing with a camera, her children manage to get a picture of it.

Posted: 2014-08-15 20:08:00
PodcastLeon's Possessed. The Church Won't Help

While investigating a haunted house, Chadd's friend Leon mocks and challenges what they believe to be a demon; he becomes possessed.

Posted: 2014-07-22 20:34:40
PicsGhost Bird

Deep in the forrest, a plot watcher camera captures what appears to be the ghost of a bird.

Posted: 2014-07-22 20:32:52
PicsAlien & Black Tiger

Russ managed to capture a black tiger and an alien in a single photo.

Posted: 2014-07-22 20:32:52
PicsChadd's UFO Sketches

Chadd's sketches of the UFO he saw 10 years ago, resulting in his run in with the Men In Black.

Posted: 2014-07-11 19:21:20
PodcastForever Chased by the MIB

Chadd Hawkins has been chased, threatened and harassed by the Men In Black for over 10 years after witnessing what appears to be, UFO phenomenon in the night sky.

Posted: 2014-07-09 05:52:58
PicsGrandfathers Ghost

Joey Cerletti's picture of what he believes, is his grandfathers ghost.

Posted: 2014-07-07 18:03:20
NewsIn Memory of Lloyd Pender

A tribute to one of my closest family members, family pet, and friend.

Posted: 2014-06-26 22:18:50
PodcastNative American Cryptids

Our guest Terry tells us many stories from his Native American family, detailing interesting and unique encounters with Bigfoot, a strange and violent cryptid that dwells in sand dunes, a small town plagued by mysterious disappearances, an abandoned house full of dark worship that disappears without a trace, a glowing snake that leaves behind trails of rusty coins, and a creature who walks and stalks concealed by a thick cloud of fog.

Posted: 2014-06-15 17:22:28
PodcastOrdained Minister Tormented by Shadowmen

Ordained minister Steven Butler is tormented by shadowmen which he believes is manifested by the hateful thought forms of one of his co-workers. Steven details attacks, nightmares, and what seems to be abductions by aliens. In this stew of paranormal activity, could thought forms really be the sole cause?

Posted: 2014-06-02 18:59:19
PodcastOther Worldly Encounters with a Dero

Brenton Sawin details his encounters with a multi-dimensional being known as a Dero. On two separate occasions a Dero attempted to pull Brenton from this dimension into its own. Stranger still, is that time and space itself seems to have been altered during both encounters.

Posted: 2014-05-26 05:56:44
PodcastCattle Mutilation and You!

We interview Chris O'Brien about his new book Stalking The Herd, which details cattle mutilation from its origins to present times, including its ties to religion, UFOs, black helicopters, cryptids, paranormal activity, political agendas, and ultimately your health. Yes ladies and gentleman, it affects YOU!

Posted: 2014-05-25 10:23:38
StoryGhosts of Fox Run

Electricity goes wild at an old farmhouse, and a ghost of a man sneers at seven kids before disappearing.

Posted: 2014-05-21 04:19:13
StoryStrange Senses

A women describes her experience in sensing the paranormal.

Posted: 2014-05-19 17:00:00
StoryA Scratching at My Door

Something began to scratch and open my bedroom door.

Posted: 2014-05-19 17:00:00
StoryGhostly Intruder

Rache stalks the sounds of a ghostly intruder.

Posted: 2014-05-08 19:58:51
PodcastBell Island Devil

In little Bell Island, Newfoundland, David and three friends are approached by a strange intimidating man with a job offer; to work on a wall. To help on travel costs, the man gives them a place to stay while they work the job. Unknown to them at the time, inside this place dwells something evil which makes itself known through violent poltergeist activity, possession, and a sinister apparitions; worse still, is a large black door that appears in a wall, with creatures calling them to come through.

Posted: 2014-04-24 05:50:36
PicsBell Island Devil Pics

David's pictures of an unknown script and Angelic medallion referenced in our podcast: Bell Island Devil.

Posted: 2014-04-24 05:39:46
StoryWatchful Eyes

Two sisters spy watchful eyes from the blinds of their empty house.

Posted: 2014-04-20 17:40:15
StoryThe People In The Attic

Two sisters investigate the ghosts of an elderly couple throwing dice in their attic.

Posted: 2014-04-05 19:00:31

Sean explains the strange voices he hears in his home.

Posted: 2014-04-05 18:58:01
StoryBedroom Intruders

In the darkness, a voice; Deep, aggressive, dark and demanding...began to chant.

Posted: 2014-03-31 17:40:20
StoryAlien Abductions, Implants and Cross-Breeding

There have been plenty of occasions that I have awoken in the mornings and felt as if I had never slept, and my body would hurt, especially my...private parts.

Posted: 2014-03-31 17:39:24
PodcastLet's Ask Effed Up Stories

In this episode we answer the top 10 most common questions we receive.

Posted: 2014-03-31 17:37:07
StoryThe Walk

Two cousins hide in fear, as the sound of ghostly foot steps stalk them.

Posted: 2014-03-25 17:19:10
StoryOrdained Minister attacked by Demons

An ordained minister is followed home and tormented by demons.

Posted: 2014-02-16 13:23:59
StoryA Ghost Out Of Time

In the dead of night, grant is suddenly caught off gaurd by a silent ghost dressed in what appears to be clothes from another time period.

Posted: 2014-02-10 15:45:33
PicsGhost in the Window

An apparition is caught in an old courthouse window.

Posted: 2014-02-03 18:42:32
PodcastThe Evil Djinn

The Djinn have been linked to just about every kind of paranormal entity; from aliens, to shadow men, fairies, nephelim, lizard people, etc. There is little information on them, though the subject exists quite solid in the minds of people from the middle east. Djinn can be good, evil, or in between; not unlike us. In this episode we focus on the evil Djinn, and though not all Djinn are bad, most encounters end badly.

Posted: 2014-01-30 17:00:55
StoryShe Teleported

I saw a woman Teleport!

Posted: 2014-01-05 17:48:09
StoryTime Skips

Roman discusses his two experiences with skipping time.

Posted: 2014-01-05 17:48:09
StoryTime Trip

Sheri describes her strange road trip, where time moves at a much slower pace, and she experiences strange physical sensations.

Posted: 2013-12-30 15:26:26
Story8 Weeks Later - Covered in Blood

I awoke eight weeks later, covered in blood...

Posted: 2013-12-27 16:40:51
StoryThe Men In Black are after me!

A man hunts the men in black; now he believes they may be hunting him.

Posted: 2013-12-18 16:38:01
PodcastSinister Spirits Possess Cursed Objects

This episode is all about cursed objects, the spirits that possess them, and several creepy stories on the subject. Three cursed paintings are discussed: The crying boy, the hands resist him, and the anguished man. We also talk about actor James Dean's cursed car and a cursed box known as "the conjur box" that kills many family members throughout generations.

Posted: 2013-12-15 12:15:40
StorySatellites Don't do That

Driving home on quads, a group of friends notice a bright light in the sky. After analysing it's movement, they are convinced it was a UFO.

Posted: 2013-11-30 07:21:28
StoryGhost Car

Ryan Hill and three of his friends were driving on an Alaskan highway at 3:00AM when they notice old fashion headlights riding up on them in the rear view mirror. The lights would ride up on the bumper and then back off, until they disappeared out of thin air.

Posted: 2013-11-18 17:05:10
PicsGhost Hand

A Disembodied hand pierced through the mist, as if to grab Jesse's wife.

Posted: 2013-11-06 15:28:30
StoryAnd like Magic, It was Gone

Within the couple of seconds it took my eyes to dart to and from, I noticed a distinct part of my static background disappear.

Posted: 2013-11-03 23:20:27
PodcastDulce: 7 Levels of Aliens, Murder, Monsters and Mind Control

Within the secret base known as Dulce, there are 7 levels that get more horrific as they go down. We discuss the layers and the horrors that happen there, such as horrific genetic experiments, vats of liquefied humans that serve as alien sustenance, and tortured humans who beg for help from their cages deep below the earth.

Posted: 2013-10-27 23:05:02
StoryI Walked Out an Exorcist

I went to the store and ended up at a house filled with 10 people, and a woman with 4 demons inside her.

Posted: 2013-10-27 22:09:50
StoryA Highway Through Time

Two friends drive out to buy a car. During the trip, they turn off the highway into a place with farmers, horses and carriages which seem really out of place. When they arrive at their destination, they discover they had been gone 2 hours longer than they felt, and their watches indicated.

Posted: 2013-10-17 21:11:34
PodcastFamily Curse: Twice We See the Monster

Mary's ancestors, her children, and her children's children have been and forever will be, tormented by a frightening monster. Mary tells us how this came to be, detailing her terrifying experience, her family's, and the curse placed on her bloodline more than a century ago.

Posted: 2013-09-30 02:07:10

In this episode we discuss the mysterious mountain known as Untersberg. Untersberg is linked to legends of kings who sleep within the mountain awaiting the end times, networks of tunnels that contain portals to the heavens, missing people, missing time, an alien race, an entrance to the Hollow Earth, and was obsessed over by Adolf Hitler, who believed it's magical properties could help him turn the tide of the war.

Posted: 2013-09-23 01:05:11
StoryMy Family Curse. Part 2

Mary details the 100 year old curse put on her family’s blood line by a corrupted Priest.

Posted: 2013-09-19 01:05:09
StoryDread House. Part 2

Steve expands on his experience with a haunted house he lived in as a child. Steve and his siblings would see a large figure roaming the house at night, his sister would wake up, held down by an unknown force, and a stubburn door would unlatch itself and swing open despite the fathers many attempts to fix the problem.

Posted: 2013-09-19 00:04:06
StoryDread House. Part 1

Steve details his experience with a haunted house he lived in as a child. The house not only gave off a heavy sense of dread, but contained a strange coffin shaped freezer in the basement, which would not fit through any of the doors of the house.

Posted: 2013-09-18 01:06:11
StoryMy Family Curse. Part 1

When Mary summarizes a 100 year old curse put on her family’s blood line, she reveals a demon stalks her and her children.

Posted: 2013-09-16 01:05:09
StoryA Deal with the Devil

A woman chases her dreams of a career in the film industry. After some success, the Devil approaches her in a dream with a deal; everything she wants for her soul.

Posted: 2013-09-15 02:12:21
StoryHaunted Farmstead

A family story of a haunted farmstead eventually causes Sheri to investigate it herself. What she finds terrifies her.

Posted: 2013-09-15 01:04:08
PodcastShe Conjured a Dead Eyed Creature

What are the black eyed children and where do they come from? We might have the answer. I've never heard a story quite like our guests, and though it may answer the questions, the implications are truly terrifying if true.

Posted: 2013-08-31 01:05:10
StoryMy Sons Watch Dissappeared

A father tells his son to put his watch in the glove box before heading out into the pool. The watch mysteriously ends up in two places at once.

Posted: 2013-08-30 01:04:07
StoryThe Guardian Creature

A man spots a creature he swears he originally saw in a fictional book as a child.

Posted: 2013-08-19 03:11:22
StoryMessage From the Dead

When a boy's grandmother has a near death experience, she visits him in his sleep to comfort him.

Posted: 2013-08-19 02:07:11
StorySick Ritual

A man visits the cemetery and spots strange people doing something at a bench. Immediately following the event, he becomes violently ill for a period of time. Soon after he revisits the cemetery to find the bench; he finds ritual tools there. He believes he was cursed.

Posted: 2013-08-19 01:06:09
StoryMissing Time

As a young girl, Kally Garcia remembers experiencing a leap forward and back in time.

Posted: 2013-08-09 01:04:05
PodcastAnother Dibbuk Box? Ari's Story

Since finding the box, Ari and her family has fallen into a downward spiral of torment, sickness, and other strange things not unlike Jason Haxton and his infamous Dibbuk Box.

Posted: 2013-07-22 02:06:08
PodcastDante Kali Das; Alien Contactee

We interview Dante Kali Das, who details his life experience as an alien contactee. Dante goes into detail with several of his alien encounters, the aliens behind the encounters, and their general purpose for him and others like him.

Posted: 2013-07-14 01:06:08
StoryDaddy there is a Monster in my Wall!

Missing teenagers have the police stunned. Some time after it is discovered that an evil creature has created networks of secret tunnels under the city that connects to the homes of the missing people.

Posted: 2013-06-22 05:17:20
StoryA UFO crashes in Naples, Florida

A UFO crashes in Naples Florida. A rescue crew finds the alien pilot and is never seen again.

Posted: 2013-06-22 04:12:16
StoryThe Geddes House

A haunted house on Geddes Ave.

Posted: 2013-06-22 03:09:12
StoryThe Dweller of the Sand Dunes

Something evil penetrates the dreams of a family. Dogs are killed, and when police are called to investigate, they to are killed.

Posted: 2013-06-22 02:07:10
StoryBigfoot Encounter in Colorado

When a young girl is chased by what she thought was a bear, she soon discovers that this was no bear. A dog is brutally killed with chains by a towering hairy giant that soon tries to kill her family.

Posted: 2013-06-22 01:06:09
StoryConspiracies 101

Scott Pattinson gives us the low down on a slew of conspiracy subjects.

Posted: 2013-06-14 04:16:17
StoryUFOs at Fort Bragg

Gerald Meeker, a U.S Military man witness multiple UFOs while station at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The UFO's seem to effect the electrical devices in the area.

Posted: 2013-05-30 02:09:15
StoryThe Kali Curse

A family who worships Kali, bound to the contract, stops making sacrifice's after the father of the family dies. This leads to a curse being put on a male member of the family who ends up losing his leg to a wound that won't heal, and being possessed.

Posted: 2013-05-30 02:07:10
StoryFire Balls Lit the Sky

Jenny witnesses slow moving balls of fire in the sky on two separate occasions.

Posted: 2013-05-30 01:05:10
StorySpeaking In Tongues

A man tells of his nightmare's and sleepwalking. In one such dream he dreams of demons, and screams at his parents in a language he does not know.

Posted: 2013-05-20 01:07:10
PodcastFan Podcast 1

3 Fans tell a total of 3 Stories on the Paranormal.

Posted: 2013-05-06 02:10:15
StoryDevil Tracks

A group of hunters go camping. On the third night they are circled by creatures in the woods, who's screams resemble the cries of a women being butchered, followed by chilling laughter. The next day they find cloven hoof tracks in the area.

Posted: 2013-05-06 01:04:05
PodcastThe Winchester House and the Army Of The Dead

They say Sarah would retreat to her seance room every night, where the spirits would tell her what they wanted her to build. Was the Winchester house built by spirits, for spirits?

Posted: 2013-04-30 01:05:09
StoryHeld by the Invisible

Dipesh describes how an invisible force would grab and hold him on the stairs of his haunted house as a child.

Posted: 2013-04-20 01:06:08
StoryMy Son and the BEK

A women details her sons run in with the Black Eyed Kids.

Posted: 2013-04-02 01:04:06
StoryPursued By Red Glowing Eyes

In a pitch black room, a child spies red glowing eyes; they pursue him.

Posted: 2013-03-20 06:20:37
StoryLoon Lake Lights

Two friends go hiking when they see strange lights and what could be Bigfoot.

Posted: 2013-03-20 06:14:03
StoryGhostly Dog Man

Clint Fitzpatrick recounts his childhood, when his family and upstairs tenants are haunted by a Ghostly Dog Man.

Posted: 2013-03-20 01:06:11
PodcastThey're Watching You; The Men In Black with Nick Redfern

They aren't government, and they aren't human; hunt them, and you'll become the hunted. This isn't science fiction, and this isn't Hollywood; this is the real Men In Black.

Posted: 2013-03-17 06:09:17
PodcastA Hellish Near Death Experience with Howard Storm

One of the most terrifying near death experience ever recorded involved Howard Storm. We were lucky enough to get Howard on our show.

Posted: 2013-03-10 15:34:59
StoryBigfoot Sighting

New story submitted by Chris Forrest that details his run in with what he believed to be, Bigfoot.

Posted: 2013-03-10 06:00:59
StoryShimmer Spirit

A young women and acquaintance are having a smoke when an apparition appears. The apparition has the shape of a human, but no details; its shape consists of a shimmer distortion, not unlike that of a heat wave. The acquaintance calmly says it’s an old lady that’s been visiting her since she was a child.

Posted: 2013-02-26 01:06:08
PodcastImps, Devils, Witches and Things

Living in a house that once served as a ritual playground, magnified by playing with the occult and Ouija boards brings out some truly surprising, interesting and terrifying events.

Posted: 2013-02-25 05:22:23
StoryDeath Stalks

A dark path leads a woman to attempt suicide. After knocking back a handful of pills, she immediately realizes she’s made a mistake. Still in the moment, eyes wide open; she sees an apparition; marble eyes and a sinister smile. After going to the ER, she is physically safe, but a door has been opened. The sinister creature she believes to be death stalks her for decades; tempting her to finish what she started."

Posted: 2013-02-23 01:07:12
StoryOld Booth Hospital

Retired police officer Dan Cope is called to guard old booth hospital. A fellow guard’s constant complaining and worry of paranormal experience falls on deaf ears. One night he refuses to go back into the building and is relieved of his duty. Dan Cope takes his place, and on that night he follows a ghost up the stairs and into a room that doesn't exist.

Posted: 2013-02-21 01:04:06
Story624 Arlington Drive

For Dan Cope, 624 Arlington Drive opened a door to a world of residual hauntings and an evil presence. Dan and his mother begin to hear a child’s voice calling for her mother. Over time this voice is accompanied by an inconsolable mother and father. This raises questions Dan hopes can be answered with a Ouija board; instead, Dan opens a door to something that killed his dog, and the pets of other owners since Dan has left.

Posted: 2013-02-20 01:05:06
StoryMiracle Pool

A life of medical problems and depression leads to a dark place. In the darkest moments, without the strength to go on, a prayer is made; and it is answered.

Posted: 2013-02-17 01:05:07
StoryThings Beyond the Door

Monkey paws? Sasquatch? Something Lovecraftian? Sheri Lowe details her many encounters of “things” on her doorstep; things that shot their furry arms violently under the door, reaching and scrabbling, as if it wanted to grab one of them.

Posted: 2013-02-16 01:05:07
PodcastAbducted by Aliens: The Story of Alta and Chad

Alta seemingly has multiple foreign objects implanted in her body from UFO encounters, both Alta and Chad have encountered missing time, and Chad has had hypnotic regression done; and what he's found is deeply disturbing.

Posted: 2013-02-10 22:04:31
StoryET Visitation

Sean is startled one night when he awakens to find an extra terrestrial at his bedside. The ET, dressed in a space suite, communicated with Sean telepathically. Another experience follows, and with it, came a wealth of knowledge Sean believes he received as if downloaded into his brain. After one more visit, Sean begins to experience a trend of misfortune.

Posted: 2013-02-10 01:07:14
StoryShock Therapy: Erasing the Mind

Hans Lohmann, a former medical intern, details his first hand experience administering electric shock therapy. Though new at the time, he discovers how the practice literally erases memories in the human mind. Could this practice have been used for a more sinister agenda?"

Posted: 2013-02-05 01:05:07
StoryAbduction in the French Quarter

Alta and two others are abducted off of a street corner one late night in the French Quarter; Az. Alta details her experience as well as the others. All told, this experience involves missing time, foreign objects planted in the body with strange properties, and regression.

Posted: 2013-01-30 01:04:05
StoryThe Cushing House

A family is haunted by ghosts, but it is the skeptic sister who recognizes the ghosts as the Cushing family; the people who built their house.

Posted: 2013-01-21 01:05:07
StoryDreams of Foreshadow

A man believes his dreams foreshadow a narrow escape he and his friend have when they accidentally fly into restricted airspace.

Posted: 2013-01-20 01:06:11
PodcastThe Black Eyed Children with David Weatherly

In this episode we delve into the scary and mysterious phenomenon known as the Black Eyed children. In this episode we are joined by special guest David Weatherly who has written a book on the Black Eyed Children, and has investigated the paranormal for over thirty five years.

Posted: 2013-01-12 05:15:21
PodcastAliens and the Mountain of Death

Autopsies reveal deaths that look similar to cattle mutilations, clothes that have been exposed to radiation, and distant witnesses claim to have seen strange orange lights hovering over the area during the time the hikers were killed.

Posted: 2012-12-23 06:20:27
StoryThe House of Angry Spirits

Furniture is moved, ghosts are seen, and a grandfather is chocked by an apparition. The strangest detail however, is when a burning log leaks blood and tests show that it is human.

Posted: 2012-12-20 01:05:07
StoryGhost on the North West Coast

A man’s mother witnesses the ghost of a young girl playing. After the events unfold, the young girl puts her instantly to sleep with just a few words.

Posted: 2012-11-20 01:04:06
PodcastChris O'brien on Skinwalker Ranch

Chris tells us of possible suspicious death(s) at the ranch, and other weird happenings involved around the general area. Many of you will know Chris from the Paracast or one of his books (Mysterious Valley, Enter The Valley, Secrets of the Mysterious Valley, and Stalking the Tricksters). Tap into the rare and most interesting knowledge Chris brings to the table in this special episode.

Posted: 2012-10-29 05:13:22
PodcastThe Dibbuk Box with Jason Haxton. Part 2

The dibbuk box has strong elements rooted in Jewish people and folklore, dark rituals, the Nazi's, and even the Holocaust. Throughout it's existence, people who have came in contact with the Dibbuk box have had extreme misfortune, burns, strokes, weird health anomalies, and even death."

Posted: 2012-10-21 09:28:28
PodcastThe Dibbuk Box with Jason Haxton. Part 1

In this episode we talk with special guest Jason Haxton about his cursed artifact/wine cabinet known as The Dibbuk Box. Jason's story served as a loose base for the recent Hollywood movie "The Possession"; but the real box is so scary they would not even have it near the set.

Posted: 2012-10-21 05:15:16
PicsGraveyard Apparition

Pictures taken at a graveyard show what appears to be a strange apparition.

Posted: 2012-10-11 22:59:49
PicsAnother Dibbuk Box

Ari shows us pictures of what could be another Dibbuk Box

Posted: 2012-10-10 22:59:59
PicsGlowing Lights

Glowing lights show up in photographs taken at a cemetery, and in a home.

Posted: 2012-10-09 23:00:20
PicsGerrys Apparitions

Gerry Warner has submitted a large sampling of paranormal pictures.

Posted: 2012-10-08 23:00:37
PicsGhost Face

A picture taken in a known location appears to show the face of a ghost.

Posted: 2012-10-07 23:00:47
PodcastDemonic Possession. Part 2

In this Episode, Ryan and I dive into Demonic Possession, pacts with the devil, and Satanism in Hollywood.

Posted: 2012-09-23 05:16:21
PodcastDemonic Possession. Part 1

In this Episode, Ryan and I dive into Demonic Possession, pacts with the devil, and Satanism in Hollywood.

Posted: 2012-09-22 05:22:27
PodcastBaltic Sea UFO

We start the episode by answering some of the viewer comments. We then tell a story submitted by a viewer which details an entity with the ability to crush things, including a small boy. Lastly, we delve into the topic of the Baltic Sea UFO which was a podcast topic suggestion sent to us by viewer Dane Mirk.

Posted: 2012-07-24 05:19:26
PodcastChemtrail Conspiracy

In this episode Ryan and I explore the conspiracies surrounding chemtrails. We explain how to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail, specify some of the main components in the toxin, and specify it's suggested purpose and effects.

Posted: 2012-04-02 05:19:25
StoryMy Mom

A woman makes her mother proud, despite that she has already passed.

Posted: 2012-03-30 01:06:09
StoryLittle Girl in my Room

A woman awakes to an apparition of a young girl in her room. She is convinced it is the ghost of her sisters baby, whom she had to give up due to complications.

Posted: 2012-03-29 01:04:07
StoryDivorce Premonition

A dream foreshadows a women’s divorce in the near future.

Posted: 2012-03-28 01:04:06
PodcastSiberia's Valley of Death

This episode focuses on the strange area that is known as the Valley Of Death, way over in Siberia. We discuss how it got it's name, what makes it so strange, discuss the revelations told by explorer's who have visited the area, and it's connection to UFO/ alien phenomenon.

Posted: 2012-03-20 05:17:25
StorySex Demon

A women has an experience with an incubus.

Posted: 2012-03-20 01:05:08
StoryPops Snoring

A grandmother talks to her dead husband, and the granddaughter is terrified to be awoken by his distinctive snoring.

Posted: 2012-03-19 02:10:14
StoryThe Egg

A women’s experience with extreme sleep paralysis, which she refers to as “the egg”, takes a more paranormal turn when she sees an apparition in the doorway.

Posted: 2012-03-19 01:06:10
StoryNashwaak River Lights

On the way home from a hunting trip, a man notices something strange in the sky; then he notices other people see it too. The man and others chase after it.

Posted: 2012-03-15 01:05:09
PodcastExtreme Paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch. Part 2

Ryan and I delve deep into the accounts of the skinwalker phenomenon as well as other strange accounts of UFO's, Chupa's, Inter dimensional tears, and lore and legends passed down by the Navajo Indians, Utes, and others.

Posted: 2012-03-12 05:20:24
StoryDaylight UFO

A couples warm summer day and BBQ is chilled when they witness a UFO in broad daylight.

Posted: 2012-03-10 02:10:07
StoryDeath Premonition

A woman has a dream that foreshadows the death of a family member that molested her as a child. He died on her birthday.

Posted: 2012-03-06 02:05:09
PodcastExtreme Paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch. Part 1

Ryan and I delve deep into the accounts of the skinwalker phenomenon as well as other strange accounts of UFO's, Chupa's, Inter dimensional tears, and lore and legends passed down by the Navajo Indians, Utes, and others.

Posted: 2012-03-04 05:18:28
StoryThe Old Highway

Two friends witness sparks of light whiz past them, a floating red orb, and a strong ominous presence when taking a late night walk down an old abandoned highway.

Posted: 2012-02-28 01:09:12
PodcastPrecognition, Pulsing Lights, and Foggy Cemeteries

Stories about Dream Precognition, Strange Lights, and Foggy Cemeteries.

Posted: 2012-02-26 05:14:18
StoryFire In The Sky

A group of friends notice a strange pulse of orange light pulsing through the sky. As the light slowly starts disappearing behind the mountains, the friends give chase.

Posted: 2012-02-25 01:04:07
StoryComfort in Death

A grandfather experiences a near death experience when his heart is stopped for triple bypass surgery. He details his experience to his grandson.

Posted: 2012-02-24 02:07:19
StoryStephenville UFO

A couple is startled when a loud plane makes an emergency landing at around 2:00AM, at an airport that was said to have been closed all year. They are further shocked when an apparent UFO makes an appearance about an hour later.

Posted: 2012-02-24 01:05:06
PodcastTiny Town Phenomenon

Small town experiences with UFO's, Aliens, and Missing Time.

Posted: 2012-02-20 05:17:26
StoryFoggy Drive

A group of friends drive to a cemetery on an extremely foggy night. Terror grips as a pillar of light shoots out of one side of the graveyard, and a red light overtakes the other.

Posted: 2012-02-20 02:07:12
StoryDreams and Dejavu

Deja Vu is questioned when an unexpected trip sparks the connection of an old dream and a real place long since forgotten.

Posted: 2012-02-20 01:07:06
StoryCross Talk; or Something More

When showing off a new microphone to a friend, strange unexplainable sounds are picked up in the headphones.

Posted: 2012-02-18 02:15:16
StoryDreaming Omens

A prophetic dream foreshadows the death of a grade four teacher.

Posted: 2012-02-18 01:04:06
PodcastAudio Anomalies

We detail a strange paranormal like event involving audio.

Posted: 2012-02-09 05:15:20
PodcastThe Old Highway

Strange lights and an evil presence punctuate our journey on the old highway.

Posted: 2012-02-09 00:29:34
PicsSky Splitter

I witnessed "something" punch a hole in the clouds right before myself and others that were with me.

Posted: 2012-01-12 22:59:27